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Are you tired of being in your own head?

No matter how brilliant we are, we’re limited by our own perspectives and experiences.

Brainstorming with others is a great way to break these limitations and benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. But who do you brainstorm with? What if you are a solopreneur with no team to talk things over with? Or what if the problem you want to brainstorm is caused by your team? Or perhaps your team lacks the experience to solve it?

This is where our Brainstorming community comes in.

Our community is built on the idea that we can all benefit from the wisdom of many minds working together on a single problem. We’ve created an online platform for people like you: business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs—anyone who wants more input on their business ideas or projects.

I've already connected with someone I have hired to do writing for me. I found her here--when frankly, I didn't know where to turn to find a professional writer. I was also able to help another member with something. It's a place to find leads, while simultaneously helping one another.
- Julie Williams, Voiceover Artist and Trainer

Why You Should Join Brainstorming.Social

  • Live Group Brainstorming Sessions: Let our community brainstorm your challenges and give you new insights
  • Find Help: Find the people, tools, and resources you need to succeed in your career or business
  • Resources: Many fantastic free resources such as online courses, tool reviews, discussion forums, and more
  • Conversations: Spam-free, moderated community forums where you can brainstorm between sessions
  • Ground Floor: Be part of building the newest premier business connection network on the Internet and reap the benefits of being an early community leader
  • Mobile-Friendly: Participate in the Brainstorming.Social community from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Brainstorming.Social at Work

An example of people benefiting from brainstorming:


I very much appreciated Garland's insights as he shared ideas to foster business promotion and growth.  The session was definitely time well spent & has certainly given me a lot of food for thought regarding marketing my parent coaching business.  

Anne Barnes, parent coach 

Who is Behind Brainstorming.Social?

I am the founder of Brainstorming.Social. I am Garland Coulson, aka "Captain Time" an author, speaker, and coach on time management and digital marketing.
I regularly brainstorm and facilitate sessions for my clients, but I wanted to create a larger community.